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Friday, June 09, 2006

Persistence makes a passion profitable

"Pediatric nurse practitioner and jewelry designer are not usually two professions that are closely associated. But for Greenwich resident, Terri Bernstein, there is nothing odd about mixing design with practicality.

Mrs. Bernstein lived in Greenwich for some time before moving to London in 2001. She recently returned to Greenwich, but not without acquiring a new talent, skill and inspiration. Mrs. Bernstein is working on her own jewelry line that is sold in local stores.

While living in London Mrs. Bernstein came across a lady who was selling crocheted jewelry. Mrs. Bernstein was intrigued and began to take some classes and bought books on the art of crocheting jewelry. “It was unique and different from other jewelry,” Mrs. Bernstein said. “It intrigued me to make a craft and art into a fine jewelry.” From that point on, the crocheting never stopped."

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Everything we know about Crochet is in this:

Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!