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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Official Guide to Crochet

Official Guide to Crochet: "Read how this Crochet Guide helped Pammy:

'Thanks for the crochet is very informative and easy to read...I have discovered how to do stitches that before were difficult to follow in most is even helping me teach my daughter the simple stitches so that she can learn how to crochet...Again Thanks.' Pammy

How was this possible?
There are a lot of Crocheting books out there and quite frankly, they are hard to understand and use for the the beginner and even those with experience.

So with the advice of a friend I began to survey and ask individuals to submit their questions and problems they were having with Crochet. Once I had all the questions I set out to get answers to these questions and solutions to the problems.

The results of this mission were a success! I ended up with a guide to crochet that people can use to get real answers and solutions to their crocheting problems and frustrations. We also discovered new ways of explaining and helping individuals to learn crochet. There are some other goodies that we found along the way that we want to extend to you as well. More on this later....

After reading this book you�ll be able to create magnificent crochet pieces to enjoy for years to come. So, what will you find in the �Official Guide to Crochet�?

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Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!

Beaded Mile-A-Minute Bracelet

Beaded Mile-A-Minute Bracelet
Designed By Julie A. Bolduc
This bracelet is fast and fun to make and would look wonderful with many different color combinations of thread and beads. Imagine one made with green and red beads for the holidays.

Materials Needed
Small amount white size 10 crochet cotton. Southmaid was used in the example
60 4mm faceted clear beads of any color
Size 7 or 1.65mm steel crochet hook
Tapestry needle fine enough to go through the beads
2 jump rings
1 clasp of desired style
2 pairs of jewelry pliers or other small pliers

This is very sweet.


Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!

Crochet Cotton Bracelet "Summer Cotton Bracelet
by Priscilla Hewitt
Copyright�2001 The Crochet Cottage

Difficulty level: **(advanced beginner)

Materials: A few yards of Speed-Cro-Sheen; crochet hook size E, your favorite bracelet closure findings, tapestry needle.
Leaving a 6' yarn tail at the start and finish of the piece, make a piece of 'Crocheted Braid' the length desired for your bracelet. Fasten off with a sl st through the last double bar.

Finishing: Thread needle with yarn tail and take several stitches around one side of the closure finding; knot and weave in end. Repeat on the other end of the braid. "

Cute little bracelet pattern.


Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!

Google Groups : Crochet Patterns

Google Groups : rec.crafts.textiles.yarn: "Crochet Patterns

Subject: Crochet Patterns

Does anyone have a good resource on the web for patterns?


This is my favorite site.....can find almost anything there

EmLynn "

I found this at Google Groups. Looks like there are some great resources for
patterns there.


Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!