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Monday, August 08, 2005

Worlds Fastest Crocheter - New Findings

Worlds Fastest Crocheter - Crochet: "Worlds Fastest Crocheter
For some time now, I have always been under the impression that Lily Chin was the worlds fastest crocheter until a message posted onto a crochet forum by Lisa Gentry. I was totally shocked to find out that Ms. Chin was not, and never has been the worlds fastest crocheter so I set out to do a little research of facts and here I go setting the record straight. Here are the facts:

The Worlds Fastest Crocheter title has been held by Barbara Jean Sonntag of Craig, Colorado since 1981 with a speed of 147 stitches per minute. Lily Chin has held the title of the CGOA time trials for the past few years with a speed of 132 stitches per minute. And now we have Lisa Gentry who is now the Worlds Fastest Crocheter and the CGOA time trials champion with a speed of 170 stitches per minute. Way to go Lisa. "

I guess this settles it.


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