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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jamaica Gleaner - Crochet hits the catwalk

Jamaica Gleaner - Crochet hits the catwalk - Sunday | August 14, 2005: "crochet has been in the family, since, well, forever.

People have always been crocheting for relaxation, to decorate homes and for making choice pieces for close friends and family members.
But crochet, as a feature of runway fashion, has never been as common as it is now.

The recent increase in the number of women and men who have announced themselves as designers of crocheted clothing suggests the wind of change has nudged the old art form out of the living room and into the marketplace.

The most famous local example is designer Minka, who has achieved some celebrity for her crocheted creations that regularly grace runways locally and have appeared in fashion magazines internationally. Minka is a good example of what one can do with crochet."

Go Read more .... on High Fashion crochet :)


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My Passion - Eileen still crochets miles a day

"My Passion - Eileen still crochets miles a day
By Samantha Peters
Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Eighty-four-year-old Eileen Beutel claims she's crocheted a 'million miles' in her lifetime, and it's hard to disagree.

Crocheting been an all-consuming passion for Eileen for the last 68 years and every room in her house bears testament to this fact.

Blankets, doilies, mittens, gloves, tea towels, cushion covers, knee rugs, coat hangers and handkerchiefs are everywhere - you name it, Eileen has crocheted it.
Eileen says her sister taught her how to crochet when she was just 16 and was living in the Lockyer Valley, about 50 minutes west of Brisbane.
She quickly caught on: 'Once you learn the basics, it's easy.'

She entered her handicrafts at the Laidley Show for many years and was pleasantly surprised to win awards for her efforts.
'It's my interest and it keeps my memory,' Eileen said. "

Now thats comitting to a passion.


Everything We Know about Crochet is in this!